We’ve got a new video out in time for the New Year! What stories mattered the most in 2013? Who lost biggest? Watch to find out!

The US Government is shutting down. We don’t like it, but we feel that it is better for this shutdown to happen rather than defaulting on their debt. Watch our video to find out more.

Tapering is still yet to happen, and won’t for many months, but it does set the stage for a number of changes to the market in the near future. How might the markets react to changes in interest rates? In part two of our video on tapering, Adrian looks into the matter.

Starting on May 22nd, just about a month ago, an errant word from Fed. Chairman Ben Bernake sent the markets way down. What word was that? “Tapering”, or the beginning of the end of Quantitative Easing (QE). This week Ben Bernake was back and confirming that the QE program would likely end in 2014. What does that mean to you, and why have the markets taken the news so badly?

Canadians largely skipped making contributions to their RSPs in favour of shopping and going into debt. We look at a simple and great way to get control of their personal finances and become wealthy all at once.

You can get to through this link!

Also: Check out this episode of The Agenda!

All we want for Christmas is for the Republicans and Democrats to settle their differences and solve the “Fiscal Cliff”. What is it, and why does it matter? Adrian explains what the “Fiscal Cliff” means for investors.

In our first video blog, we look at our hesitation around gold and what other better investments there may be in place of it.

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