Trends Investors Should be Sceptical About in 2018

Trends are a big deal in the investing world. Even if you aren’t going to pour over mounds of financial data sometimes trends are all you need to know about to successfully invest. Lots of people have beaten “experts” because they followed a trend rather than become intimate with the financial fundamentals. It should be […]

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Bitcoin’s Future Still Far From Assured

Back in December I wrote about How Bitcoin Might Not Survive. This video from the Financial Times sheds a little more light on the uncertain nature of Bitcoin and its future. If you want to know more about what Bitcoin is and why this mysterious internet currency keeps showing up in  the news you can […]

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Be the Most Interesting Person at Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We’ve been busy over here for the last couple of weeks and unfortunately I haven’t been able to update our blog as often as I would like. However lots of interesting and important things have been happening over the past two weeks and they are worth mentioning. Check them out […]

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