Notes from the Edge

  With the BREXIT vote now only days away its worth taking a moment to consider the dramatic political shift that seems to be happening around the globe. Where once left/right politics dominated, or pro-capitalism vs. pro-socialist forces clashed, today the challenge is far more frightening. Today we sit on the brink of the end […]

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Burning It All Down – The Rise of Trump’s Conservatism

Trump is a real American conservative, one that wants less foreign intervention and old style trade protection. That’s a message his opposition have ignored at their peril.

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Donald Trump Is My Pick For Republican Nominee

The arrival of Donald Trump to the Republican primaries has been greeted with mock and outrage by much of the media. There he is, an unapologetic billionaire blowhard with something akin to hair on top of his head, now best known for telling celebrities that they are fired. He was an immediate subject of derision, […]

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