You Won’t Believe How RRSPs Can Ruin Your Retirement!

No seriously, you won’t believe it. That’s because RRSPs really can’t ruin your retirement, and yet every year someone, somewhere writes an article about the RRSP Tax Trap! This year’s contribution is from the Globe and Mail, which was also the source of last year’s main entry (also by the same author). The argument in these […]

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What Your RRSP Should Have In Common With The CPP

To many Canadians the CPP is something that you simply receive when you turn 65, (or 70, or 60, depending on when you want or need it) with little consideration for how the program works or is run. That’s too bad because the CPP is successful, enlightening and puts its American counterpart, Social Security, to […]

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I’m from the Government and I’m Here to Help! (Your Retirement)

I’ve just finished a Fideltiy Investments Tax Clinic, and it was filled with some great ideas about how to help people manage their investments with tax implications in mind. But what really jumped out at me is how retirees are being penalized under the current tax system.  The 2013 budget closed a number of investment […]

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