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Newsletter Picture May 2013Walker Report Q1 2013

In This Issue: Our Most Important JobWhat is that sets us apart? The importance of being wrong. Identity TheftIt’s a real thing and it can put a big block on your financial future. Here are some ways you can protect yourself. The Media Ruins EverythingThe news is a business that works on the premise that bad news sells. But when it comes to the business world, the media can blind you to good investment opportunities with its negativity. Make Do and MendBudgets are boring, but a smart and simple budget will help you not only save money, but you may find that your TFSA contribution is being frittered away with little to show for it. Market Summary for Q1 2013.

Newsletter Picture Feb 2013 for web 2

Walker Report – Q4 – February 5th, 2013

In This Issue: The Return of the American Economy This year could be a good year for the United States, provided the media doesn’t scare away investors. A look at the good and the bad in the US market. Why the Internet Hasn’t Made Us All RichThe internet is an economic powerhouse making billionaires everywhere, but how much better off are as a result of the internet? Travel Insurance Solutions – Why does travel insurance have to be so difficult? An idea that makes lots of sense if travelling abroad. The Trouble With Canada – Canada is a narrow market, and that spells danger for Canadian centric investors. Market Summary for Q4 of 2012

Newsletter Picture October 2012Walker Report Q3 – October 2012

In this Issue: Gold’s Dark SecretGold has been a popular investment for those seeking security, but is it possible that gold is actually less secure than we might guess? The Laughable RepublicansThe Republicans want to win the White House but have also outlined a number of concerning financial plans. What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us ThereA look at what we are doing to help investors survive turbulent markets and reduce risk. Is Environmental Investing Due for a RevivalGlobal Warming is a thing, and it is having serious repercussions in the market. Perhaps it is time for a return to environmental focused investments. Market Summary for Q3 of 2012

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