2017 – The Year Ahead

Many of you won’t know this, but my father used to sky dive. He’d stopped by the time I was born (reportedly because my mom had a natural aversion to life threatening hobbies) but in many ways his hobby would be a reoccurring source of guidance for life lessons. For instance, whenever I was nervous about doing some […]

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The Robo-Advisor Cometh

  As proof that the robot revolution will spare no one, even our industry is feeling the intense weight of cheap human alternatives in the form of “robo-advisors”. Given some glowing press by the Globe and Mail over the last weekend, robot advisors now represent a real and growing segment of the financial services markets and […]

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The Robot Revolution Will Cost $15/hour

The Robot Revolution is coming, and if you want to understand it look no further than the evolution of the airline industry.

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