The Interviews – 2021

Last year we put on a number of interviews with various experts and journalists. Some were very well received and I’m sharing them again here in case you missed any of them.

Alexander Hay is a global consultant on resiliency, and the author of three books. His work is aimed at helping governments and companies design and implement resiliency plans in the face of natural disasters like flooding. His commentary was insightful and particularly relevant in the face of the massive flooding that occurred in British Columbia last month, wiping out highways and isolating the interior.

Edward Luce is the senior US Commentator for the Financial Times, author of several books on the economic and social challenges facing the United States, with his most recent being the Retreat of Western Liberalism. Edward joined me in July to discuss the United States post Trump, the strength global markets, the rise of populism and the failures of the pandemic response from governments.

Sam Cooper is a journalist with Global News and has made a career out of following political corruption, organized crime and financial crime. His book, Wilful Blindness, chronicled the Chinese government and organized crime’s influence on Canada and the blind eye taken by our political leaders. He joined me in August to discuss his book and how corruption has shaped the opioid epidemic and real estate.

Matt Gurney is a prominent Toronto journalist and columnist featured on television, radio and in print. His insightful commentary through the pandemic has highlighted where our infrastructure has failed, and Matt joined me in late August to talk about what lessons we should, but probably won’t, learn from the pandemic.

In total we did eight interviews last year (several are not permitted for unrestricted release) but I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the above videos if you missed any. There will be a few more video interviews this year and if you have any suggestions for either topics or people we are open to hearing about them.

Please enjoy, and Happy 2022!

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