The Housing Bubble Jane Jacobs Built

When Jane Jacobs died in 2006, her Annex home sold for a reported $3,000,000. A lofty sum, but a fitting metaphor for the career of a woman so central to how we’ve come to understand cities and urban growth. Cities, almost everywhere, are under a crunch to meet the needs of growing populations and affordable […]

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Canada’s Bad Week (Or The Best Recession Ever)

Perennial pessimists like myself have been waiting for something to go wrong with the Canadian economy for some time. But years have passed and the economy continues to defy logic. Despite abundant consumer debt and a housing bubble of record proportions, and an economy dependent on volatile material and natural resource markets, disaster has forever loomed […]

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Danger Creeps: Housing Bubbles and Crying Wolf

If you’re looking for some good reading Google “Canadian Housing Bubble” and you could fill a library with the amount of material available. There isn’t a week that goes by without some new article somewhere screaming with alarm about Canada’s precarious and overvalued housing market. I’ve written many myself, but in conversation almost everyone admits that regardless […]

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