Are Economists Incompetent or Just Unhelpful?

Over the past two years, despite a great deal of negative news, the BoC has never changed it’s views on threats to the Canadian economy. How can that be?

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The Difference Between Mostly Dead, and Dead

With markets reeling from the global sell off, is there any reason for optimism? This contrarian spells out why the bull market is only “mostly dead”. Also, using The Princess Bride to talk markets? Inconceivable!

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The Media is Turning Market Panic up to 11 – Learn to Tune Them Out

The current market correction is about as fun as a toothache. Made up of a perfect storm of negative sentiment, a slowing global economy and concerns about the end of Quantitative Easing in the US have led to a broad sell-off of global markets, pretty much wiping out most of their gains year-to-date. One of the […]

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